Feeling pretty paranoid again

Keep hearing a guy outside saying, ‘that w*nker reported us’. Tbh not sure if it’s real or not.

Either way I am still feeling the residual effects of the stress of the summer


Stress of the summer?

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A combination of coming off a depot, hot weather and a few stressful situations. Looking forward to a quieter autumn.

How are you buddy?

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I am fine but I have no energy. I have no voices. Negatives are the problem now. Do you have negatives?

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Yeah. Up until this summer I had less positives - negatives mostly. Since coming off the depot the negatives have improved but I have been more anxious and paranoid.

But I would take life as it is now anyway. I still take a healthy dose of seroquel.

Is a fine balance when it comes to meds I think.

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