Getting closer here j go

Saw anxiety etc climb since Dec.
Now jm not sleeping, I see things moving several times a day, I’m getting clumsier every day, can’t multitasking
Irritable with any interruptions or distractions.
Everything is hard. No one gets that. I feel frozen stuck.
Paranoid I have early onset alzheimer’s.
Get to see my pdoc every 3 months. Nothing I can do. No early appts for emergencies. Family doc can’t do anything with psych meds. Oh well. Just do what self care I can I guess

You can’t you to a crisis place where they see you for emergencies. I found a place like that and they directed me to the place where I currently get my meds.

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Maybe it’s time to look for some kind of care home. See what’s available out there.

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I love with my husband and children. I find this can be both difficult and easy.
I have expectations to keep them happy like caring for their needs and spending time with them.
Doing my best to protect them from my misery and create good moments what I am able. Its hard for me though. I hide a lot and yet they still see a lot.
WIth my husband I get practical support like rides, shopping together, etc. This is probably the best care hoem I can get but no help when you are unraveling. No where to go we only have a Sectoin 1 hospital here which takes you if you take pills or throw chairs int eh emerg dept and then 2-3 days later they discharge you. No treatment or testing etc. minimal. In opinion of professinals i woudl be considered high functioning maybe, and with lots fo supports. but this is a medical issue. If I was bleeding out my ass would they say, you have lots of supports and you are a strong person, keep sufferng and eventually you will figure it out somehow??? No id be taken seriously.
I am going to a walk in counselling today at the hospital. Hope i can get someone good to talk to for support emotionally anyhow, someone to talk to. thanks for listening
@anon62973308 @SP2342

I have transient episodes where I can’t move my body correctly (I’ve also had bell’s palsy) and I am clumsy like a kid, I forget where I am and even the most simplest of information. But as said, this is transient. High dosages of theanine, melatonin and such, can cause this. I think it has to do with noradrenaline dysfunction.

If it is transient with yourself like it is with me, then it’s probably not as serious as you think it is.

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Ok thanks. Good to know about it being transient for you. So is it just a part of Sz or something different.? Or could skmething else be happening. @NoEmotions

I am diagnosed schizotypal pd (the causes are the same, just genetically milder) and not schizophrenic in the serious sense (was diagnosed prodromal schizophrenia or whatever it’s called).
Transient memory loss is supposedly a part of schizophrenia but it seems everything is to many psychiatrists, even contradictions.

From the perspective of some disease models schizophrenia itself is a neurodegenerative disease, such as under the excessive synapse pruning disease model though I don’t know how much validity there is to it.

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Thanks @NoEmotions. I don’t really have any firm diagnosis, they are exploring a lot with EEG, MRI etc all came back fine. Pdoc is very busy but working hard to help. I came on here because j went to a 2nd opinion specialist (referred tk by my pdoc) who was telling my husband and I my experiences were psychotic and it present like schiOphrenia. Then in his report he mentioned initial considerations would be: bipolar 1 with psychosis, schizotypal p disorder and GAD… But said that my pdoc should rule out neurodegenerative disease, schizoaffective, seizures… confusing.
So with you having SPD diagnosis… hearing your experiences is interesting with intermittent memory clumsy etc
Recently pdoc now said he concerned with neurodegenerative disease… Sz has same symptoms as AD. Anyhow before I get carried away thanks again for sharing.
The negative symptoms are so dibilitating and so good to know that if indeed I have schizotypal p disorder that can be part of that. Thanks
And I didn’t think Sz was a.neurodegenerative disease. I would rather have that Sz… than AD or Parkinson’s.
I started counselling today to deal with grief of my new level of functioning. So that’s the positive note.

When I first got sick I saw my psychiatrist every Friday. I didn’t even think I was sick then. If you need to be seen more frequently I think your shrink should accommodate you. Have you asked?

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Yep. Even urgent cases can’t get earier appts. Have to go to family doc or hospital where here we just have section 1 hospital. No treatment really. So like you take pills or be at risk and they keep you a few days and then let you go and you still have wait for your follow up with pdoc. I could get an earlier treatment if actively suicidal and I won’t lie and say I am. And that’s all that’s treated unless lucky enough to go to another city transported.
Anyhow I started hospital counseling today. They are going to immediately refer me to long term weekly counselling got grief for my old life and loss of functioning and life feeling hard.
Thanks @TomCat