Getting by for the time

My new phone was the last thing I put on my credit cards a week ago. My old phone was broken. I’ve paid cash for everything else, and set aside $50 for the dentist I going to see June 9th, for my insurance deductible. My case manager made me a budget with a plan to pay off the credit cards. I have to pay cash for everything though.


I think you’ll feel so much more at ease if you stick with the budget and pay off the cards.


Thanks @ZmaGal


I’m a bit in the hole myself right now. I’ve trimmed some costs, but it’s still going to take some time to pay it all off


I know the feeling dcragg65.


I ain’t in debt and I have a little extra money. But I know how my financial situation can go south very quickly and easily. For now I can do stuff like buying a soda at Home Depot while I’m there without worrying because it ain’t going to break me.

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I have some debt though it’s manageable. I downloaded a budget app for my tablet that I use every month to track expenses. I love it. Easy to use and it shows a breakdown of where my money is going.

Thanks @77nick77 @ThePickinSkunk


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