Getting away from bad friends but where are the good ones?

some people I hung around were just not for me so I am in the process of politely removing myself from their company and/or not seeking them out.

it takes time to find good friends however I feel isolated outside of the forums and my family.

it’s like an impossible mission for me to find a good friend.

anybody else experience this feeling of being purposely isolated by some unknown something?


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Yeah sure I’ve had those time periods in my life. My suggestion is to change your environment. I understand moving isn’t always an option, but look for clubs or groups around your town you are interested in that you could attend and find people of similar interest. I met my wonderful friend group here after choosing to live in a dorm for women in science majors. We were all dorks and clicked right away.

how good for you. great news for us here too. i am encouraged – only it is rare to have such an opportunity for me at least. i feel shoved into a corner by my community – “you with sz – go to the mentally ill if you want a friend and stay away from us!!”

and at work you should only see how they treat me like a piece of garbage.


I don’t know if I have removed people from my life I know I need to. my partner said for me to play nice until we move that won’t be for a while.

I’m sorry you aren’t treated very well, @ifeelblessed, people can be so cruel.
You’re a decent person and I wouldn’t think you’d have any trouble finding a nice bunch of friends more like you.

I’m sorry you’ve faced such stigma. I don’t really talk with my friends about my illness much, except the couple friends I have who also struggle with it.

Find activities or groups or clubs that interest you with like-minded people and maybe you will find a friend.
Maybe some Adult Ed classes at your local college…