There has been another police shooting of a black guy

The police shot an unarmed man who was running away from them. The black man was taken to the hospital where he died in surgery.

When did this happen?

Where did this happen?

I wasn’t playing close attention, but I got the impression that the story was just coming out on the day’s news. I would guess that it happened between six and two hours ago.

there was recently a police shooting in atlanta, i saw that on google news. the police chief resigned because of it. don’t know if it’s the same story.

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It happened in Atlanta Georgia

Yes. I think it is. The shooting happened in Atlanta.

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I remember seeing this now. The man got away from them with a taser. He pointed the taser at the officers and one of them shot him.

They were trying to arrest him for DUI.

The black man was asleep in the line at the window of a Wendy’s hamburger stand. The first thing I saw on the news was a black man in a great big tussel with two policemen. I bet what happened was that the black guy was a little grumpy with the police, and the police turned what should have been a routine drunk driving citation into a balls out fight.

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Why do you have to say the color of his skin? Black,White,Yellow,Purple people die everyday

Still DUI is no reason to be shot dead.

This is gonna cause more riots I bet

It’s always been a big issue with the police shooting unarmed black men. It is something that has been going on for a long time.

I like how the police chief is like ■■■■ this I’m out

What a sad state of affairs

We had one here where a guy was driving a stolen car and was pulled over. He ended up being shot.

I would say the police are mostly to blame in this. They have this ethic that if anyone just shows the smallest amount of resistance to them they react with massive force. People shouldn’t be insolent to the police, but the police shouldn’t kill them over it.


I think we have to view these situations case by case. Statistics are fine and good, but when a policeman pulls me over I want him to deal with me as an individual, not a demographic.

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Imagine saying this after you make a thread called " There has been another police shooting of a black guy"