Getting a job

i want to get a job, it is official,

i’m going to ask my support worker what my options are and hopefully she can put me on to the right support, i want to work on my c.v. (curriculum vitae) so i can show what i am capable of,

i am a good typist so i thought i could do something like that from home but i fear i have missed my opportunity as i found a job but did not apply,

it will all be under 16 hours so my benefits should not change much bc it would be permitted work, and i thought i could do it in tandem with some of the other things i am doing just now as well as college which starts on the 31st Aug.


You know your avatar is practically invisible, right?

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its a sun, its hard to see but your not supposed to look directly at it anyway lol


I would like to have one of those highest paying jobs that are really those major league games and making music and other individual sports like jobs. as is (tennis, golf, boxing etc…).lol , But I would not want to be famous. Not even for 15 minutes. “Hell yeah”, play for a living. hahahaha

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Good luck and I hope you find a good fit… let yourself get used to a job…

I had to work up to 40 hours. If I would have gotten 40 hours off the bat… I wouldn’t have made it… I had to get my stamina and routine little by little.

I’m rooting for you :v:

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if want a job or have motivation in this case work is like a heaven…

i want a job to. i feel ewery thing i need is a job. i dont want to sitt in my Apartment and doing nothing. i feel i miss out on life without having a jobb.i feel im ready for a job now, hopefully it gets better, but i actually feel ready. i dont want to work in a Place where there are other People like me and we all get Money from the state, i feel thats not the same. if i dont get a normal jobb, that means that im not ready for life. i want to get where i can handle a jobb, if i can handle a job. i feel like im Complete. and ready for the world. there are ofc many thing to life then a job. butt i want a job