Get Pisces People!


humans expect too much of life…
you breathe, you are here in the moment…you are a ’ success ’ because of those basic factors.
take care :alien:


do you mean attack people who are pisces, or be like pisces people?

You are wise darksith :alien:


I am pisces. Get me :slight_smile:

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Nice , I’m lookn for something. I will post.

Who Would have thought…

You mean GO? Pisces people.

Is it just me or are people becoming harder and harder to understand on this forum. And seem to be laughing at other people by spewing nonsense , in the so called name of humour. You know sometimes ‘humour’ is at the expense of other people , there are a few that say ‘I’m happy ,i’m enjoying my life’ , as if that’s all that matters…

I don’t know man. I think sz people do need to hear sz people are enjoying their life’s. That does matter.

This particular post though?

Get? Pisces people? Doesn’t make nonsense.

@jumanji is always deleting post and anyone can edit. In real time things might make more sense.

No , its just nonsense , I think Daze was putting something positive out their , and it was met with sh@t.

Meh I didnt watch the video.

Yeah I can tell

Hehehhrhrhehh. New definition of lazy.

More sh@t , no one is calling you lazy

Well man. It’s not like we could puzzle piece are way to a better future if we tried.

So whatever man. Have some fun?

Again , I don’t know what this means

What else are we supposed to be doing here? Talking sh@t should be expected.

Its OK man , just an observation , there are so many users now , posting in this manner , maybe its just me?

Man, my basic intention is to be understood , not only for myself , but because I want the person I’m talking to , to understand me…