Get Pisces People!

Its just a bit of thinking for other people , thats all.

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You make a good point.

This place isn’t 4chan or meme central. It should be decipherable.

Yeah no big deal , its just of late , I have no idea what users are talking about , it seems like it should be funny , other users seem to find it funny , I just don’t find it funny. Maybe its just me. Dunno

There is kind of spur taking off. Younger folk finding their home on the web here on this site.

It’s just culture.

Is it appropriate for that culture to exist here? That’s a good question. I see room for it and enjoy its presence.

The place should still function primarily as a place for people to have serious communications about the illness and managing it.

Still this site is unique amongst them all. Proof that schizos are as human as anyone else. Lingual flare might be a part of that.

Do you know what , I think I know what’s going on , it just that everyone , seems in a hurry to sound smart around here. Not talking about you , just a general comment on other users.

Yeah I get that. Or see that or whatever. Kind of goes with the internet culture “witty” and what not.

All in all though I don’t that’s the case with most posters.

I certainly don’t like sounding dumb.

Again it’s the youngerish crowd on here. We’re still try hards.

I don’t know man.

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Yeah OK , maybe I’m getting too old for this sh@t :slight_smile: , logging off , talk again

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Later man. The forum needs you.

my wisdom is just a mirage. :wink:
take care :alien:


Your serenity is the real miracle. It’s catching. :rainbow:

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hamster :hamster: hug.
take care :alien:

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Oh, sorry you guys, haha, I meant to say “Get Pissed People!” But I was on my phone and it inserted that word into my title. I was kind of in a hurry. I had some place to be. I didn’t mean to confuse anyone. I am sorry, again.

I do hope you view it though, @SoitGoes, and yes @darksith, I know sometimes it’s just enough to do anything, but certainly we are on this earth only once, and we should strive for something that is made of dreams, goals, betterment.