Geodon vs Abilify

Which drug of this two do you consider is better?For lack of motivation and similiar symptoms?

I haven’t used gedeon, but use abilify. Abilify is good for motivation (whether or not you can actually do anything with that motivation is another matter)

My doctor tried to move me from Geodon to Abilify last year. I eventually wound up moving back. I drooled. I drooled so much I would wake up with my head on a sopping wet pillow. I went from having weird dreams to almost no dreams. My energy level dropped even further than it had on Geodon, although this is likely because I’ve had a long time to acclimatize to Geodon. My voices and delusional thinking were markedly worse on Abilify. I started to refer to it as Disabilify.

That’s my experience, but, as @notmoses points out, we all have fairly unique chemistries. What works for my particular collection of molecules may not work for someone else. We may also have markedly different types of Sz.


Pixel, So did you have better level of motivation on geodon?

Geodon was too weak for me. I developed a psychosis while on it. Abilify made me feel like an adolescent girl when I was actually a 63 year old man, so I went back to the Geodon. At that time, we tried Risperidone and Navane as well, but neither worked as well as the Geodon, so we increased the Geodon. The Geodon was nice and light and had few if any discernible side effects. Avoltition is sometime caused by side effects of anti-psychotic medication although doctors will deny this and say it is caused by the illness itself. They don’t have a medication for negative symptoms yet.

I like Geodon, been on it for years now.

Abilify is fishy. I know the basic science behind it and it’s fishy at best and stupid at worst.

I did visit my doctor about geodon. He said it is not good drug. What do you think?

Abilify may be better for some than others. What med works best for you depends on:

  • The type and severity of SZ you have
  • Your genetics
  • Your own chemistry
  • Your physical condition
  • Your body size/weight

Asking someone what particular med and dosage they are on won’t do a lot for you. It is best to follow your own doctor’s recommendations. If you’re not happy with your doctor, by all means seek out a second or third opinion.