Geodon day 4 and cat naps

I feel good.

I started 40 mg mornings Geodon on Monday and it is going well by far.
I am taking naps within 1 hour of taking the med and sleeping minimum 2 hours in the afternoon.
I don’t mind for now, but in the future or when I have some chores, I could take it at 4 am and go back to sleep. I do not mind that at all. In a week I will start taking morning and night so I am looking forward.

Other than that I am working, eating healthy on most days and soon will start exercise too.

I have much less energy to talk to people and have a much better focus too. I am glad for that. Let’s see how it’d evolve in the following days.

I do not have anything planned for the weekend. I wanna buy a lot of new clothes and I also miss my old beautiful dresses. Can not wait :smiley:

I also found out that Soundcloud has an app for apple :flushed: so it made my life much easier to stream music while working.

Abilify gives me strange fears of getting hurt or vivid visions sometimes, so excited to let go of that too.

I can no longer drink more than 2-3 glasses of wine which I am so happy for. I feel drunk after second glass :flushed: so I guess finally after 2 years, I may be on the right path.

Does anybody have some exciting stuff planned for the weekend?

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