Genius/ Insanity......:)

there is a fine line between insanity and being a genius


I deal with mental insanity and I agree there a line between being insane and a genius. The only thoughts running through my head the days I feel completely insane is how can I kill myself

Newton was obsessed with finding patterns of numbers in the bible that would lead to a secret code. He was very recusive and was considered eccentric.

Einstein had a son with SZ and showed schizotypal symptoms himself.

There are many more examples.

Insanity is so close to genius because it give you freedom from the usual constraints of the world. You can come up with new ideas that aren’t influenced by others. That’s why SZ makes you more creative than the general population.

The problem with genius is being crazy enough to invent but sane enough to not completely lose your $h!t.

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i am stupid…and insane…a good balance !
take care

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When I read about people who spent 30 years cracking the key to their invention I wonder… is it genius or is it that they are just plain stubborn.

I’m don’t consider myself a smart man, but I do know I’m a stubborn one.

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Three of the greatest minds of the 20th century, Bertrand Russell, Einstein, and James Joyce had children/relatives with schizophrenia.

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Many of our writers, artists, inventors, leaders had some form of mental illness.

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I think they both must follow some of the same networks of the brain.

Just wondering what would happen if a person walked to the public library and took all clothes off and then would say ‘this is the naked performance’ :smiley:

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