The fine between madness and genius...?

There can be a link in certain cases

Especially when you try to define a genius

i think the energy in the brain used in a psychotic episode is on par to a genius coming up with unique ideas yeah???

Sound like the joker :joy:

My opinon seems true i will go by it

Again you sound a little like the joker, not all bad :+1::joy:

Are you saying your psychosis made you a genius?

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i am saying certain case of madness can match a genius coming up with unique ideas , the energy used is on par IMO

nope…re read the thread if u want

I read the thread, Pedro.

It doesn’t make sense.

I believe psychosis can spur some creative energy,

But it’s not related to being a genius.

I don’t get where you’re drawing a connection.

whatever if i said white you would say blue…i dont give a either way

Say what you want.

It’s all nonsense anyway.

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Just have to make sense of it all :+1:

to be a genious you need to be constantly working on your craft.

you and dizzy can’t undertsand it …low IQ

Did you just say we have a low IQ?

It’s fine that you’re grandiose now but don’t be mean.

And you’ve posted a thread like this several times and referred to yourself as a genius several times too. It doesn’t take a genius to realize you’re talking about yourself.

trying 2 get me banned again are we…?

i admit i am not genius wouldn’t want 2 b either so?

It’s laughable that YOU would call anyone out for having a low IQ.