Gene editing article in the Express


In other words “playing G-D”

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Sz. Sza. Is. Not. A. Disease. Perhaps. Clear. Evidence. Of. Constant. Abuse. We are not the problem. A culture in ruins is. Think. Think. Watch and wander.

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In any case sleepoptimistic, people who have schizophrenia(which is a very severe disease to my mind)
like all other people, will be able to change their genetic parameters.
That’s the most important and reassuring thing.

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I can’t mix with the animals. I am not the problem. I and others similar to my childlike of mind are victims of outside forces wishing for witch hunt s. “In any case”.

I would not change I believe in power within them I don’t care if I am disabled…I will develop my strength naturally and will be immune to schizophrenia

sleepoptimistic and DarthVader, you are free to keep your genetic parameters.
I want a change of my parameters.
The most important thing, is that for those willing to change their genetic parameters, the option is going to
be open.
The opportunities for people who conduct themselves optimally are going to increase.
Of course, people who want to keep their genetic parameters will be able to keep them.

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Hmm. I prefer monopoly.

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sleepoptimistic take a hike

Fine. How about some snacks?. Doritos???.

sounds interesting but wouldnt help people currently experiencing symptoms, its for before people are born, designer babies.


sleepoptimistic As far as I am concerned, you can take a hike.
I am going to change my genetic parameters, and you do whatever you want.
The option is going to be open, and I am going to do it.
You cannot determine things for others, only for yourself.

@mrhappy , definitely we are going to reach the point that adults will be able to modify themselves one day.

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It’s like plastic surgery for your soul!. Let’s all change our genetic parameters!!!.

I feel like I’ve been clickbaited :man_shrugging:

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Everything is encoded in our dna they should first learn how to change the past

idk, something tells me it wont be as easy as repositioning a few variant cells, our thoughts are not based on genetic parameters imo, thoughts are of a higher calibre, exceeds the flesh so to speak.

@mrhappy , you have to understand, much energy, a strong heart, a strong brain,
being proficient with the hands, a strong immune system,
an altogether more splendid life!!!
I am going for it!


You’re delusional about this,

A cure is not on the horizon.

You need to work on developing some coping skills and see a doctor to manage symptoms.

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Any coping skills for example?.

I did CBT and it worked wonders for me.