Geez, I think when you get old there's a NEED to die

Little failures everyday remind me that death comes slowly to the healthy but it still comes. “The old ones slowly dying while the young ones start to grow.” It’s the cycle of life. I’d call it fascinating if I weren’t a little envious of the young. I forget the young have problems - they’re just different.

Wisdom is probably the greatest gift that comes with old age.

I think you are right. My complaints are physical, now. Being a musician was hard on my body and I am feeling it.

What kind of musician were you @pretzel?

Mainly classical - piano and violin. I also taught Yamaha Music School and gave private lessons.


That’s great! Could you give me lessons?

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My computer doesn’t have a camera. I could probably give you lessons over the phone but the provider doesn’t like me to tie the phone up a lot.

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I think contacting people off the forum is against the rules. And the rules are to protect everyone.

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Oh, right. I forgot that.

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My father-in-law is so trashed by dementia that he’s not really a functioning person anymore. I don’t think he’d pass a Turing Test at this point. It’s horrible. I’m glad my heart will likely kill me before I reach that point.

Dear Chordy, the following message is brought to you in part by a person that can relate to old people. I believe you will easily comprehend it as the vast quotient of man and woman has been proven to be above 90…

Chordysaurus, you need to write a sympholodon.

what is a sympholodon?


I’m older and I’m not in the least bit envious of young people. My entire youth from age 0 to age 56 was pure hell. Taken up with incest, physical abuse, rape, poverty, MI, and family suicide and deaths. It has only been from age 56 to age 60 that my life has been all relatively smooth sailing.

It is like a Megalodon but instead a symphony from Chordysaurus.

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Here is an example of a sympholodon. :no_mouth:

Please explain with words.

That is a family dog named Bear.

What makes it a sympholodon and why is thete a chunk out of the picture?

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Hmm… are you unable to click on the photograph to see the exact? It is also possible that it is because it was taken with an older phone model at a medium resolution? It is a sympholodon because it is a Pomeranian Canine called Bear.

I love the name Chordysaurus. I hope it’s just referring to my age and not my outlook.