First day back to shcool

Today was my first day back for Winter quarter. I got a full load with English, Communications and Math. Right out of the gate, I have a sh*t ton of reading to do and assignments. I gotta log off here in a few and get after it. I’m trying to enjoy the experience so school isn’t so hard. Send me some good mojo. This ain’t easy with my chronic delusion. It is very distracting.


Good luck!

My classes start two weeks from tomorrow. Economic Development, Judicial Research, Law and Economics, State Politics and Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Both excited and anxious.


You got a full boat coming up. Good luck to you too!

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Good luck. I have finished my schooling but I always tell myself that I may go back one day to get a PhD. Don’t know how I would do at it now though. The memory is a little lacking after the psychotic break. Once I get a job I’m going to try that Sarcosine stuff and see if it works.


Ya, I didn’t realize that psychosis can have lasting effects. I just thought I would recover like you do from a cold but it isn’t that simple. I am, gratefully, celebrating 10 months of relapse from psychosis. I hope to never relapse again. I have to battle my delusion every day, though. Good luck to you

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School started for me too!
I wish you the best of luck.
You got this :blush:


I go back on the 17th. Currently in a private school preparing for my FAA exams for airplane mechanic.

Took the written for powerplant today and passed with an 80%. That was a bear of a test.

I have my oral and practical exams on the 10th at 7am. 5 days to study.


Good luck, guys!


I start school Monday, can’t believe my winter break is over in a blink. I really don’t wanna go back to school, but its my last year in university and the only thing I can do is ride it out and not prevent myself from jumping out the window. Good luck to everyone who is going back to school.