Gave up on playing guitar

I just don’t have time unless I sour on sports. that’s the only other time I could play. I have a couple hours 8pm-10pm where I will watch a ballgame. so if I get tired of that I may start playing again.

I just bought a new guitar last thanksgiving but have no desire to play it at the moment.

no other time as im either working out, eating or cleaning. we’ll see what happens. not going to sell it, just going to wait and see if inspiration strikes down the road.

I haven’t even been wanting to search for new music I like recently, as it’s just so much effort.

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I’m the same. I’m just going to plough through my mp3 collection again.

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I sold my guitar. It sat, mostly unused, for a few years. It was a nice one, too. A Martin made of sapelle.

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wow sounds like an expensive model. mine is decent a $300 dollar Yamaha acoustic/electric. got in on sale after thanksgiving. so I don’t have a ton of money into it.

I used to have a Martin acoustic…loved it…sold it for cash back when I was delusional in marriage years ago…

you can always try later…sorry you are having trouble.


Your heart is with sports. Just let it be.

Not good to have too many dreams and directions, it just confuses you.


I doubt I’ll ever play my guitar again but I won’t get rid of it. I always hoped one of my kids would want to learn.


Guitar is life. You cant sell your guitar.

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Right now my guitar is resting without strings. One of these days I’ll string him up and get back to playing. I have a new set of strings just waiting there.

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Learning music is a waste of time and money these days. I know, because I am a musician. I expended a lot of time and money learning various instruments but there was very little reward and now I am getting arthritis in my hands. It was all pointless.

Art however, is a different matter. You can get into painting and sketching fairly quickly and cheaply, and it is very therapeutic, whatever level you are at. Music, on the other hand, is sheer hard work, especially early on.


I have a guitar that I don’t play much.
Lack of motivation is awful and anhedonia.

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