Gaming addiction classified as disorder

Taking the fun out of everything …


I like to play games…but i dont have any console…tho i want to be addict in games to forget szphernic life…lifes sucks…


Lol I find your comment funny “taking the fun out of everything”

I have met people who really are driven hard by their “gaming addiction” though. There’s a big line between liking games and being addicted and it disrupting your life. Still find your comment funny/insightful but I have met some serious gamers!!


I think trophies system has contributed to gaming addiction. It’s a false sense of achievement.

I used to game more than I do now (though not an addict) but back then it was more of a distraction. It always has been.

Now I am more well i game less. I discovered it was a distraction and not much fun value.

I need more relief of negative symptoms. Id like to have fun too. In a way I wish I was an addict too.

But maybe not…


I’m not sure it’s a real thing I mean I’ve met people obsessed with games before but I don’t think I’ve ever met someone who goes through withdrawals.

Although I admit I’m a bit biased cause I play a lot of games but I think they need more distinctive criteria for defining it as an “addiction”

Tbh I think the only reason it’s getting treated like this is because games are very popular.

I’ve had a couple of doctors tell me I’m an addict to video games just because of how much I play. Which honestly couldn’t be further from the truth.

Yeah I play a lot but really what else am I supposed to do when I’m scared of the public have 8000 health issues and struggle to even get out of bed. Also its really my only social platform.

In conclusion I call bs.


It is true that many doctors aren’t familiar with videogames, but once you have made the distinction between doing a thing a lot and being addicted to it, these addictions and the withdrawal is very real.

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take this with …hi Dr Zen here, games are not fun, there facet in so call addictions in parts of the minds ability to control it self. or no to control its self. make one that teaches and it will turn on you. say hello franky …

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Because I was completely sick. When I closed myself in the dark room the immersion has really helped me to completely forget the outside environment. It was worth the cost.

well thank goodness i don’t have this… disorder
(due to my desktop being too old)

Theyre prob gonna prescribe them antidepressants. Antipsychotics seem far too serious.

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