Game Tic Tac Toe created

Not that appealing though,

Here is the link,

Tic Tac Toe code

Hopefully I will make visually interactive one pretty soon.

If any errors let me know :slight_smile:

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Left side is the code and right side is the Gaming part

It took my first 3 responses fine then it fouled up and didn’t take input right. Still needs a little debugging.

I use to code a little bit when I was younger. Challenging stuff. Good luck with it.


Oh okay you are using Windows OS?

The clear screen code is the culprit, I think for mac and linux would be fine.

Yes, I’m using windows

I tried it again and it worked fine the second time

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replace the code → system( 'clear' )
with → system( 'cls' )
line number 23

Wow you’re talented

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Thanks, I am trying to focus more, just doubt is stopping me.

I did. on my third try I got the same bug as when I first ran it. On my 4th response it did not accept my input.

I think its something wrong with the application i have inserted the code, I will host a web site in couple of days time.
Will make it right.

ok. thanks for the work anyway!

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Haha I am lazy coder when I was at university! I jusst extract what I need and use it from solutions others post. I only take what is useful to me. Let others do the hard work :joy:

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I forgot to make the game draw

I wrote a little word guessing game about 15 years ago…thats about all I got out of my studying C

Coding is hard work.

Wow That should have been interesting.

I studied it for awhile but stuff like pointers and programming graphics I never got/got into.

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I know what you meen dude such as learning notepad ++ commands for example. I just look for the solution for the effect I want then note it so i can refer back to the commands I need I dont actually know specifically the fine details of what it means

Reminds me when I was a teenager i wanted to be a coder for real :laughing: