Gaining ego in dreams

Usually in dreams I have no ego…no way to stand up for myself. I am the victim of abuse, stronger personalities, etc…

But lately I have gained ego in dreams. Often times I will be with a friend, and the friend will be getting taken advantage of…I will be able to butt in and stand up for them. Any dream interpretators? I reckon this is a good thing. Like I’m gaining confidence or something and my dreams are telling me.

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Hmm… it’s funny you say that, I had a dream recently where I stood up for myself. I wonder what it means.

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Ego is the devil…ego is what drives a sociopath…you gained courage…sometimes i have brutal god powers…laying waste to any who persecute my people … Its fun…but then i wake up…

No sir. You need an ego to survive. You don’t have the greatest understanding of ego. no ego and you’d be dead. Little ego, society will eat you alive. A balanced ego is what you’re thinking of…we need ego to stand up for ourselves, to have a sense of self. Ego is what separates you from the rest of the world. Your individuality. If you have too much ego, an unhealthy ego, you will be a narcissist because what separates you from the world will be grandiose and too much.

-someone who’s struggled with ego for years…I had too much ego, I had too little, now I’ve found a middle ground.

You’re not God.

Ego is a word; it means different things to different people.

Maybe you’re both right… and just wording your understanding differently.

No ■■■■ im not god

I don’t think having a good understanding of ego is a good thing…after all its a very evil word that only confuses people and destroys families created by drunks and cocaine addicts to mess with the minds of innocent children

that said I know what it means by now, and ego is something if you dont have, youd be dead. theres no if ands or butts

i find your post very insulting


I think you’re easily insulted, then.

I strive for no ego…i expect nothing of no one and dismiss any preconceived notions placed upon me by others…and im happy…the ego is the voice telling you they hate you…the voice whispering you will never be good enough…■■■■ an ego…keep your western philosophy and drown in its sickness…lol brutal…oh and having no ego would make you a god…if you know the beginning and end and everything between…why would you care about ego…

i strive for a brand new ego

all the ■■■■■■■■ ive been taught as a kid

was wrong

so i try to get rid of my ego, and grow a new one in place of the old one…which is more balanced and in touch with reality

striving for no ego is good, but it always comes back

there is no avoiding an ego.

you could be the friendliest person in the world, you still have an ego

just not a grandiose one

ego controls your biases

if you get rid of your ego and start over, you learn the world from a whole new perspective

of course the chaos of the interim period is brutal

Bah we must agree to disagree ill ask odin when i meet him…ego is the sickness of humanity…in any amount its counter productive to the evolution of the mind…to reach nirvana one must shed all levels of the ego…true enlightenment awaits those who can shed the pains of being a hume…

agree with this

but i still think…youd be dead…if it werent for ego

then again sigmund freud and folk created the word ego to confuse us, to tear families apart, i was once told

a person’s sense of self-esteem or self-importance.
“a boost to my ego”
synonyms: self-esteem, self-importance, self-worth, self-respect, self-image, self-confidence
“the defeat was a bruise to his ego”
the part of the mind that mediates between the conscious and the unconscious and is responsible for reality testing and a sense of personal identity.
(in metaphysics) a conscious thinking subject.

in psycholnalisis, you’d be dead if it weren’t for ego…in philosophy, you’d be dead if it weren’t for ego…in general definition you may be alive but you’d have trouble standing up for yourself

I agree to disagree

Hmm less than 200 year old crap vs the teachings of budha older than your ancestors whole religious concepts…which one do you think holds more weight to someone who holds druids budha and odin in such high regard… This is doing nothing you cant sway me as i cant sway you…you still my ginger brother though…

Also birds vs cats and ego we disagree thats funny…

“The foundation of the Buddha’s teachings lies in compassion,
and the reason for practicing the teachings is to wipe out
the persistence of ego, the number-one enemy of compassion.”
~Tenzin Gyatso, The 14th Dalai Lama~

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Budha for the win?..and the dhali lama ftw…

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I’ll admit I’m wrong in some ways

I still would like to avoid thinking about the ego

But I do believe standing up for someone versus getting pushed around is positive ego versus no ego…

But like I said, ego is too confusing of a word I’d rather forget about it…


Lol its all love…just remember theres more than 4 ways to skin a rat…

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