GAD---general anxiety disorder

my pdoc said i might have this

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i am sceptic i may have it…

well i too had a anxiety disorder…do u worry about what others might think about you,constant need for acception of others,shyness with group of people(especialy toward oppsote sex),introvertness,blushing etc…well i had these above symptoms…and went away completely after will soon reduce completly after sometime with proper medication

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i said to my pdoc, i have ptsd he said no its GAD

@pedro27 i would say have a trust on your G.P…

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I had all of your post @leo but now i don’t

hi pedro…so what troubles you right now my friend

i was dignosed with schizoaffective , im in remission 6 years now…the pdocs call it remission…means no syptoms

what medication u take and hows your level of motivation

zyprexa 15mg and a ssri 15 years im taking them, my motivation is ok sometimes i get lazy though

i also had an ssri before…what do u think does ssri or ZYPREXA helping with your motivation

seroxat is the ssri 40 mg…i mix it with 5 cups of coffee every morning i get a right kick off it…id run over a mountain

I have GAD, I do a lot of worrying.

one of my therapist said I had that, but then my last two pdocs said the anxiety is tied to my schizoaffective disorder. but either way I am on anxiety meds.