Whats everybodies experience with gaba pentin
For nerve pain?

My husband has a severe spine injury in 4 places along his spine. He took it. It didn’t help and caused him to gain 100 pounds in a year. He stopped taking it and lost all the weight. I have a friend with an injury and it fills her nerve pain.

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How does it make you feel?
They prescribed it to me because I have terrible pain all over my body

It helps with dystonia too?

It just lessens nerve pain as if it’s a bandaid

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Last night I started having mild hallucinations coupled with fear that kept me up a bit
I was about to be put on antipsychotics
But my primary care doctor wanted the nurse practitioner to do it on my next appointment
They were going to put me on zyprexa
But luckily I said I’d rather try resperidone
Or Abilify…

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I took 900mg 4x a day for 2 years, no help for nerve pain but GP said to keep with it combined with my Percocet 4x a day, so I did. Made me tired, excessively. They also use it for mood stabilizers in some offices, so they were hoping for that too when I was depressed and couldn’t take AD…

Lyrica is kinda the same thing for nerve pain, I found no difference as in no help. Cymbalta didn’t help either. Nerve pain sucks ass.

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Did the percasets help?

They took the edge off, this was years ago like 2006-2009 before more of my chronic pain and conditions worsened. You have to see a pain specialist now to get it if they will at all. I’m seeing one in April to see what I can be put on, I refuse the nerve deadening injections cause I’d be rendered unable to walk or drive and that is unacceptable at age 35. I’ve also tried Lidoderm patches, those are expensive, don’t stick well and my pain area requires 4 of the 8x11 size pieces, so no insurance pays it. I even tried medical taping them on but they still didn’t stick, and I don’t use lotion or anything that puts a skin barrier on.

I have a rare disease that causes occasional pain. It works, but the withdrawal effects of that medicine is horrible. I do not suggest this med to anyone, really.

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What else would I take for my nerves pain???
Or dystonia?
The pain Im feeling is driving up the wall

It helped a bit, but I gained weight like crazy. I now take CBD instead and it helps equally as much for me.

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My first. Option was CBD
And I was taking about 30mg of it and it didn’t work for my pain…
My muscles are numb in my body
And Everything hurts
If I lay my arm on a table that hurts
It hurts to lay down and sit down
Pain 10/10
They are going to do a muscle conducive test with needles …
I wish cbd worked! Or else I wouldn’t need Gabapentin
Hopefully Gabapentin provides some kind of relief…
I sometimes can’t even get out of bed because my body is all discombobulated and weak to the point of falling…
@supernova .

CBD didnt work for me at 30 mg either. Weirdly enough, when I cut back to 8 mg twice a day, it suddenly worked much better.

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Really?! That’s really interesting…
So your suggesting more isn’t always better

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Yeah. Sometimes less is more

I consulted the medical marijuana doctor here, and thats what he said. Of course, it also matters where you get the cbd from. Some places dont properly measure theirs. You always want a lab report.

I take gabapentin. It works great for me.

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