Future Job Market

A lot of talk has been made on the forum about the theories that automation will replace people and that the majority of people will someday be unemployed. I doubt that. Here’s what I think will happen. All those machines can mess up and break down. Plus computer problems can result with bugs and viruses. So the jobs of the futures will involve fixing the computers, viruses and bugs and I believe they’ll be more of those jobs than you think. Of course the computers won’t be ready for every possible scenario that can occur and people will still need to do some jobs that require eyes and ears. And clean-up jobs will always be needed. I think they’ll be a tumultuous period when a lot of people won’t have jobs alright and there may be major wars fought during that time by nations trying to deal with the restless youth who’ll have nothing better to do. But once the education system adjusts to the future job market I think things will return to a new kind of normal where the majority of people are working again.

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I am certain that human labor will gradually be phased out.
I am very happy about it.

As a person who hasn’t worked in some time I can assure you that such a scenario would make life so dull that a lot of problems would occur such as drug addiction and suicide among the young along with poor health from inactivity. The human body believe it or not is made to either work physically or mentally and idleness truly is the devil’s workshop.


@Blizzard human labor will gradually be phased out, whether you like it or not.

People have been saying for years that machines will replace humans. For example in accounting people had to do eveverything with pencil and paper and you needed teams of people to do what can be done with a few and a computer. The thing is, there are still tons of accountants. I imagine the same will be true in the future


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Even with the possible down time of the robot work force… they still out perform their human counter parts… a whole factories work force can be maintained with like 2 maintenance workers…robots dont need things like lunch breaks and holidays… i dont get why people want to keep slaving in factories… let the dam robots have the jobs… its the future if were lucky… then a humans time is spent doing whatever it is they want instead of the slavery were stuck in now…


Thats a terrible argument… we would have too much free time… i dont know if you noticed we still have massive health issues despite the fact we have the jobs you say would prevent such issues… drug use is rampant in the factory setting… we were not made to stand in the same spot pumping out an hourly quota for a corporation who could give 2 shits if you died aslong as you did it on your own time…

Of course there will be issues with a transition of this caliber… mostly what to do with true freedom when we recieve it… that would be up to the individual to find things to study and do during their awake hours…

The way I see it there have been advances in efficiency going on since the beginning of time and more people work now than ever. If there are robots it will mean nothing more than another increase in efficiency for things they can do. Usually the way it works is that the country that is more efficient pays its workers more and people make more money. I don’t see how advances in technology are ever going to remove the need for people to work. Usually what happens is more work gets done and everyone gets a higher standard of living.

Industrial robots are taking over mundane, repetitive labour jobs. Businesses no longer need to pay for employee wages, employee benefits or employee medical costs. There is no turnover of workers, no sick days and no holidays which is costly to a company. All that is needed are maintenance workers to replace or repair robotic parts and software engineers to re-programme or update the code in the machines.

Theres a group of smart ones… that want all humans to have a uber high standard of living… by getting rid of the human worker… which gets rid of currency as we know it… they want all humans basic and advanced needs to be met just because your human… now what we do with the robot workers when they become self aware is a whole other discussion.

Eventually we will be obsolete when it comes to the work force… just remember every elevator had a person sitting inside it waiting to press buttons to take people to their floors… that job has been gone… this is the current trend…

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