Funny things mental health professionals have told you

Years ago a nurse told me he could tell I was schizophrenic from the way I walked. I’ve lost the diagnosis but still walk funnily. It’s more likely to do with undiagnosed dyspraxia than anything else.


That I don’t have aspergers because I talk to much. That I’m too social.


That schizophrenics can do better than normies because they’re more focused.


That I have Aspergers because my jaw doesn’t move very much when I talk.


That I have brain damage from spice/synthetic marijuana even though I never did that stuff.


I’ve told this story before…

I bumped into my Psychiatrist at a local Pharmacy. He had a book in his hand.

Me: “Hi! What are you reading there?”
Doc: " Ummm…It’s a book about a patient who wants to kill his Psychiatrist."
Me: “Hey, relax! I’m just here buying milk!”

lol :joy:

True story!


During my most recent hospital stay, in the ER, the psychiatrist told me I didn’t have sz because I just have a good imagination and in not really hallucinating or delusional because everyone has weird thoughts sometimes.


not so funny, more terrible than funny

“So everyone is watching you, so what? just live your life.”


Yes, the same here. He said “you are not so special for aliens to spy on you”


On crying uncontrollably because I was told I should use condoms forever in all of my sex life (including exclusive long-term relationships while I have an IUD), which is a problem for my sensory issues: “That’s not a normal reaction.”

You don’t say?!

Absolutely killed me with funnies while also making me mad. Idk what she was expecting from someone who already mentioned having extreme sensory issues.

Well no funnies here. Lots of fellow patients stories while on the ward though.

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a p/doc said he was screening people for the big brother house tv series, i didnt see him again :confused: he was weird,


“I care” . I laughed at that one for an hour straight.


had one ask if I need a babys bib.

that it was a proven fact that panic attacks only lasted 15 minutes

Never had that one from a pdoc ,but I’m a messy eater. when they were little my granddaughters suggested I wear a pelican bib!

10% of people with Aspergers get schizophrenia. Anyone can confirm this?

Hard to find but did find see page 14.

Moderate to low quality evidence suggests the incidence of schizophrenia or psychosis in people with autism or Asperger’s disorder is generally low (~ 9%).

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Amazing find. Thank you!!!

Unless it’s changed to get a dx of autism with schizophrenia the autism had to appear first. This of course is ridiculous when it comes to Asperger’s given that quite a few people of my generation have not been dxed till their 50s or older.