Funny thing

I haven’t really watched TV since I came on the study unit. I usually turn it on, flip through a few channels and turn it off.
Today I decided to leave it on when I saw that there was a show where a guy comes in to help a failing bar turn their business around.
I watched almost the whole episode and kept thinking the owner looked familiar. Then near the end I saw his name and recognized it as a guy who went to my high school.
After the show I looked up his name and bar. A Facebook page came up, so I took a peek and it turned out that it was the guy.
I didn’t know him too well, but a couple of my old friends were good friends with him. I called them afterwards and they knew about the show.
Had a good laugh over it.


The same thing happened to me once!

It was the same type of show—but a restaurant instead of a bar.

It turned out to be my 7th grade boyfriend. His family owned a pizza place growing up, but I guess they opened a fancier place a few towns over like 20 years later. He and his whole family were on it, and it had all the usual drama you’d expect from reality TV—angry confrontations, tearful testimonials, etc. and with all the atmospheric music they do to enhance it all.

I was laughing for days.


Was it that Gordon Ramsey guy?

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It wasn’t Gordon Ramsey. I think it was called Restaurant Impossible.

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It’s Robert Irvine… he is a good chef too… I like restaurant impossible

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One time I was browsing through “People” magazine, and I saw this picture of a girl I made out with in the back seat of a car in Jr. High. She had brought a guy who killed her sister to justice, and “People” thought it was a good story. I knew her sister too. The girl I made out with was on my list of great girls. I was sorry that her sister was killed.


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