Once monthly visit with friend

it went ok. hung out at his place for like an hour, then we went out and got lunch. I drove. came back to his place for a bit then headed home. it was ok visit, we were going to go hiking today but it got rained out. we talked about going kayaking sometime and doing some more hiking coming up in the future.

the visit was ok, we didn’t talk about anything important, mostly sports and home stuff and his job.

he stays pretty busy between school and work. he’s working on his masters in counseling while working during the week. he says he has Saturdays free though. so were going to do things on Saturdays every once in a while. this is the same friend that just got married.

now am back and drinking peach tea.


Sounds like a pretty good visit. I have a friend i meet up with like once or twice a month. usually we go to Waffle House. Kind of a tradition.

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When I clicked on this I thought it would be a post about a woman and her period.

Nice that you made some plans with a friend.


yeah it’s nice to still have a friend. this friendship survived my 5+ year isolation and withdrawal. we’ve only rekindled things in the last couple years now that we both live in the same town again.

haha waffle house is always a good time. I get like a triple hashbrown with cheese, onions, tomatoes, and jalapenos every time I go. I don’t remember the terminology though, haven’t been for awhile.

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I have known this friend of mine since i was like 19 and i’m 43 now. So a long time. There were a few years when i didn’t talk to him very much but we keep in touch pretty good nowadays. He works and has a wife and kid so he doesn’t have a lot of time, but i don’t like to meet up all that often. So it works for me.

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Cheese is covered. Onions are smothered and tomatoes are diced. I don’t know what they call jalapeños. I don’t like those.

I get my hash browns scattered, smothered, covered, chunked and sometimes topped. Depends on my mood.

I hit the Waffle House occasionally.


yeah this is good. we don’t meet up a lot, but we stay in touch.

I prefer when we have an activity planned over hanging out. I never know what to say.

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also I got some gossip on another old friend of mine. this guy and me used to be best friends through grade school. he got married last year and I never heard about it. I was a little offended he didn’t invite me to the wedding, but just today my other friend told me he’s divorced already. I couldn’t believe it, he wasn’t even married a year.

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Yeah i’ve heard the first year is the toughest. i don’t know if that’s true or not. I was married six years when my ex left. I guess marriages fall apart all the time.

it shocked me for sure. I just heard of the marriage last year. my first thought was he got caught cheating. he used to cheat on all his old girlfriends, he was a bit of a playboy. but then my other friend said it kind of blindsided him, she wanted a divorce out of the blue. I think that would be tough, he bought a house in the city and everything for them to live.

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That’s sad. Hope he gets over it okay. It took me a long time.

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yeah it’s sad. hopefully he’s ok. he probably didn’t invite me to the wedding because I hadn’t seen him in 10 years. that and he may have not been able to get ahold of me. I changed my address and cancelled my cell phone.

sorry to bring up hard feelings @disciple , shouldn’t have mentioned it.

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