This tiny universe

Sure from our perspective it’s huge.

But what if it’s actually tiny?

And what if the words large and small never even existed in reality and made no sense, what if nothing was small or large at all. A piece of sand can be like a mountain and a mountain can be like a piece of sand.

And is there an edge to it? Does it have borders? Does all of existence expand in every direction eternally?

“No, it doesn’t, we showed you a few moments ago, it’s like the tree in your back yard, spacially it’s finite, it has a root and trunk and branches and branches coming from those branches and leaves, thats all of existence and you can’t go outside of it because you are it, there is no outside of it and yet is finite, with a proper body you could travel all of existence and even see what you are calling the edge or borders of it.” They say.

“If it has a border then whats outside of it?” I ask.

“Nothing, no thing. You can’t see nothing or stand in or on it, you can’t be in nothing, there is no thing outside of it and yet it is finite just like a room.” They say.

“Well, thats ■■■■■■■ crazy.” I say.

“It’s all like your universe essentially, you are made of it and it is finite, although there are other things you can’t go outside of it, just imagine your universe is all there is and you couldn’t go outside of it, simple.” They say.

“Are you sure?” I ask.

“Yes, when you have a body it’s finite.” They say.

“Okay, hopefully one day i can see it for myself.” I say.

“Maybe you will be able to.(wink wink)” They say.

the universes are endless.
take care


“Finite number of universes, with a body it is also spacially finite.” They say.

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Maybe you just need a quicky from a girl and you’ll not even worry about this ■■■■ anymore.

Nah, don’t need that anymore, i only need to not suffer, i need to smile again you know, i need to play some hockey as well, i haven’t done that in some time.

And i need to spend maybe six months living at the grand canyon, and i need to safely see the stars and universe and explore safely the bottom of the planet’s oceans.

I need a good way to travel to, fool proof you know, no inkling of danger i need.

I must stay at the top of a mountain for awhile as well.

Swim with the dolphins, befriend a shark or two.

I need to be immortal as well, not bone or rotting flesh, fragile and weak, burned and frozen, i need a better body, these bodies and everything about them sucks.

You even realize how ■■■■■■ we are, and all anyone talks about is women and ■■■■■■■, sick of all of this stupid ■■■■.

Im sick of my nightmares, they are all that remains at this point, i just have nothing to happily dream of anymore.

So, no, i don’t need a quicky at all, i need some things and a quicky just isn’t one of them.

On top of that i find sex to be a disgusting and akward and goofy thing, not some beautiful fun thing to do, look at it, it’s ■■■■■■■ wierd and shitty, just a couple of ill fated dying people knocking boots, wow, that sounds great, what could be better than that.

And stop calling it love, it’s not love, it’s heroin, it’s crack, liqour, thats all it is, and if it wasn’t for this horrible ■■■■■■ up act i wouldn’t have even been here which i desire so greatly it’s rediculous.

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@pansdisease was just joking, I feel you, my views of my life is I am locked in a cage and cannot escape tortured in insanity and confusion. how sleeping is my only escape from this ■■■■■■ up place, but surely that does not last long. The cure for life is death, but what waits on the otherside isn’t as pleasant as you will believe for most of us.

We have telescopes that can see about 13.7 billion light years into the universe. We think we are getting near the edge. Light travels 5.7 trillion miles in one year, so we are seeing 13.7 billion times 5.7 trillion miles into the universe. They are beginning to believe there are multiple universes.

The mind is infinite. Especially creatively.

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I believe beyond the outer borders of the universe is endless place called Heaven, and God holds the ball of the universe in His Hand

The universe is 79 billion trillion miles big - we think.

I always wonder who they are in that phrase…they say a lot don’t they?
But kind off and on the topic at the same time, I wonder, if light from the stars we see at night have been shining billions of years and some may already be dead does that mean in order to travel through space we would have to learn to travel back into time? Or forward into to time to get to planets/stars we haven’t seen yet but are really there?

Maybe the universe is just a fourplex - and within a hall of mirrors.

Ill ask them for you.

“Who you be?” I ask.

“We’re spirits. Swear to god, we’re spirits, come the ■■■■ on you have to know that by now, you freaking saw pan once, it just doesn’t get more obvious than that, shaman see him to sometimes. How do you not know this?” They say.

“You think we’re people pretending to be spirits by way of technology?” They say.

“I don’t know, thats why im asking, got any proof of what you are saying?” I ask.

“Okay, so you want proof, you want proof after seeing pan during your psychosis, and you want proof after seeing shadow people, and ghosts, and light beings, we even freaking jumped into your vision and became a movie you watched once, how does it get any more proofier than that?” They say.

“Hey, the tech is getting good these days, so who the ■■■■ knows anymore, am i to believe that people haven’t looked into the visual centers of the mind and how to manipulate it? Who knows.” I say.

“What will it take then?” They say.

“You can’t think of anything? You’re smart, much smarter than me, so think of something why don’t you.” I say.

“Okay, what if we show up at your place and move things around while we appear to you? We will appear and move things around, and not only that we will move things around in such a way that only a conscious being could do, and on top of that we’ll appear and touch you, would that do it for ya? ■■■■■■■. We just don’t get it, you saw pan, which you found out that shaman have seen him for thousands upon thousands of years.” They say.

“Would it have worked that night if he ran up to you and pushed you down or something, or just gave you a hand shake?” They say.

“Yeah, that would have done it actually, but all he did was appear, which who knows perhaps people have found ways to effect the visual centers of the brain.” I say.

“Okay, what about your visions of the future, how does that not prove it? You think that people can chart things as accurately as us and then show it to you in your mind?” They say.

“I don’t know, just prove it.” I say.

“Careful what you wish for little one, you just might get that ■■■■ if you aren’t more careful.” They say.

So, thats what they say, that they are spirits, immortal beings that never sleep or need rest and don’t age and things like that, they even say they don’t have lungs, no need for air so they can go underwater and just stand there without anything to keep them alive, they also say they can hold a flame to their bodies and it does nothing at all.

“Whats it going to take to prove it to you?” They ask. “You know back in the day this wouldn’t even be an issue, now people don’t know if it’s us or people, crazy right?”

An apple has an inside and an outside. So does reality.

The inside is always confined to the present time.

The outside extends across all time other than the present, thus the outside is HUGE.

yes, there is… It does…

December 1994:
I sailed at a fantastic speed, accelerating, thousands of times the speed of light. I sailed past galaxies and came to the end of the universe. Yes, it had an end, a barrier of sorts. I breached this barrier like going through a thin sheet or elastic bubble.
I discovered on this journey there were 4 realms beyond our universe, realms of white, yellow, light blue, and red. Beyond them were a realm of fire, then water. At the end of that was a “shore” of infinity. So there were actually 8 realms, but I do not count our present physical one, only the realms that were beyond our average perception. There were 7 of these.
This was an Astral journey. I flew through the Sun, and then on to the edge of the Universe, to discover the barrier, which I breached, and entered a spherical realm containing trillions X trillions squared of Universes. Beyond that another Realm containing a like number of previous realms, EACH containing those multitude of black universes.And so on it went, up through 4 spherical Realms, each containing multitudes of the previous forms of Realms. This may sound confusing, but it was rather simple to experience.

Realms of existence, parallel universes and times outside the space time continuum.

“It’s still finite, if you have a body you can come to the edge of existence, it’s like a tree, many leaves but you can still count them, there is a root universe from which it all came, it grew out, but it’s finite.” They say.

“Nothing outside of it?” I ask.

“Nope, with a body you’d just come to the end of it and there wouldn’t be anything to exist as or on or in beyond it.” They say.

“Now that would be fun to see.” I say.

“Yes, it is, maybe you’ll get the chance to roam one day like you so much desire, under safer conditions of course, but for that to happen things would need to change.” They say.

“It’s just like a box, it’s finite, hard to grasp yes?” They say. “There is the root, which it’s all made of and it grew, just like a tree, but the tree doesn’t go on forever, it can’t, thats existence.”

“Thats really wierd.” I say.

“You’ll get used to it after awhile.” They say.

“Oh, so we aren’t in something right now, we aren’t in a universe, we are the universe, which is made of the root substance.” I say.

“yes, you have a body, so it’s finite, provided you had a body thats capable of traveling everywhere you could see it was finite and understand it.” They say.

“Makes sense, it couldn’t just go on and on and on and on forever.” I say.

“It’s not in something though, you keep imagining it like it’s inside of something, there is nothing else for it to be in, it isn’t something thats inside of something else, it’s all there is and it is finite.” They say.

“Wierd.” I say.

“You’ll see.” They say.

yes i agree with you.
we are confined, and have difficulties in describing our borders.
maybe the borders are flexible and adjust too us?