Funny story about my a hospital stay once

I’m under intellectual disability services here in the UK. This means when I’m sectioned/involuntary admitted I always go to the same hospital here in Nottingham. I’m sectioned now. So it’s mostly the same staff team and they are a great team.

One of the staff was telling how he remembers 5 or so years ago one New Year’s Eve I was manic and sang and high pitched squeals for constantly for 10 hour night shift. And he told me he was ready to go home after that shift lol I remember back to then and that mania is one of the best times of my life and I have traveled around the world but that’s the happiest I’ve ever been when in that hospital.

I feel a little elated now.

Been on Haldol for 4 consecutive nights and my thoughts have calmed down. Just feel happy now bordering elation.


I read that hypomania is the best moment for sza and bipolar.


Full mania and depression are bad.

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Hyper-mania is very addicting.


I kind of like hypomania too. only time I’m really actually happy


I love hypomania

I hate hypomania. Fills my head up with unattainable ■■■■■■■■.

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