Funny pet names for spouse or friend

I saw a couple in the grocery store earlier,

They were older and calling each other “lovey”.

Pet names are hilarious to me!

I call my husband his full first name all the time,

Be it serious conversation,

Joking around,

Or throes of passion.

He calls me “squishy”.

All the time.

Sometimes just “squish”, but mostly “squishy”.

Even in public or in front of family,

Cracks me up.

Do you have funny pet names or know any funny pet names couples use?

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I had a girlfriend who used to call me baby all the time. I got annoyed and asked her to stop doing it , she didn’t, we broke up. :broken_heart:

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“Baby” is so generic and uncreative,

You made the right decision.

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I think like baby but it depends on how it is said.

I used to call my horse yellow and opal .

I do not call her that any more I had a few other names for her too.

My bf says nick names to me sometimes that are really sweet.

He has called me one which involves the word cakes.


That is super sweet.

What could be better than a cake related pet name?

I think if I had a girlfriend I would say SUP GIRL a lot. Even if it’s unoriginal.

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I probably use all the tricks actually. I’d be like HEY HUNNY



but it’d be moreso a joke

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Squishy is one I haven’t heard used before. Good one.

I’m not sure what I’d call my girlfriend if I had one. It’d probably be something like an in-joke or to tease her, though.

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If you’re going to do the pet name thing,

It needs to be funny or an in-joke like you said.


My ex wife would call me “Babe” a lot.

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Arlbar here.

My ex bf called me Menno b or princess bride

I called him stable boy or ahole haha



If we’re counting curses as pet names, I do call my husband “jackass” a lot.

Almost as much as his actual name,

Its kind of an affectionate term now.

I guess that does count…