Funerals and worries

My dad’s Aunt passed away a few days ago, after having been unwell for a while.
The funeral is next friday, and I’m already having weird dreams about it. I worry about whether I’ll wear the right thing, and if I’ll embarass myself or my family by doing something wrong in church, and if I’ll offend anyone by leaving early as I have something I need to do later that day.

I wasn’t very close to her, she’s always been old in my eyes. She was my grandmother’s older sister.
She used to be spunky and energetic, but after a mishap at the hospital a few years ago, she lost the ability to walk or speak well, and she suddenly became very old.

I’m sad on behalf of her family and those who knew her better, but I don’t personally feel sad. I only ever saw her on the annual family gatherings.

Should I feel bad about not being sadder?
And how do I ease my worries regarding the funeral?

I guess I just kind of have to get it overwith?

I don’t think you should be sad about her passing if you weren’t close to her. I was close to both my grandfathers but when they passed I wasn’t all that sad as they had long lives and were both fighting cancer, so I knew it was coming and figured now they aren’t struggling anymore.

I think you’re overthinking the funeral. No reason to get overly stressed about it. You’ll do fine.


my daughter and I had words at my uncle’s funeral

but then again she was a teenager

can’t remember what I did wrong in her eyes

you can’t be so sure about family all the time

hope it works out. sorry for the loss.


May she rest in peace.
Check your outfit choice beforehand with a relative, just to be on the safe side.
At the funeral just stay quiet and listen to the obituary/ eulogy. You may leave early, nobody in their right mind will judge.

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