Full list of supplements that helped me

These supplements helped me recover to my fullest from gut health to negative symptoms, and positive symptoms. Here’s a list of all the supplements I take that help. It takes a few months for supplements to work, and by that time you have to keep taking them. I hope it helps everybody I take my medicine with it, and this is not a cure it’s only to help manage it better.

NacetylLcysteine, acetylcholine, vitamin d, fish oil, methyl b12 folate, cloves capsules, oregano oil capsules, Berberine, cytokines suppress supplement, Japanese knotweed oil dropper to drink in water with black walnut oil, probiotics, gut health has been linked to schizophrenia so most of these supplements help gut health hope this helped.


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Very true, medicine supplemented with a vitamin regime helps a bunch. I take some of these and they help. Thank you for posting, I never heard of some I might end up taking some.


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Thanks for sharing. I take fish oil, vitamin d and b 12

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My list is not that complete, but I take Omega-3, Glysine and I will be adding curcumin soon

The healthier your brain, the clearer your mind and the better your ability to function


The supplements that help me are

l-theanine 400-500mg per day (100mg every 3-4 hours). I just bought 200mg capsules because they were on sale, gonna double my dosage and see what happens.

Glycine (3000 - 5000 mg before bed, still experimenting)

Calmaid (Silexan) 160mg before work to keep me calm. Studies show this is as good as 0.5mg of lorazepam, without drowsiness or dependence.

I’ve tried a bunch of other stuff with no real benefit (such as vitamin C and D) or detrimental effects (Fish oil makes my body feel like it is burning up).


Thanks for sharing.

I take a few of those. I got a ton of supplements. I worked out that there were only 9 supplements that were essential to me: Niacin, Taurine, B-vitamins, vit D, vit C, vit K2, magnesium, zinc and GABA, All the other stuff is probably good for health, but it’s not necessary for me personally, and there’s a lot of it. If someone came to my home and saw all the stuff I got they would write me off as some supplement loonie. But natural medicine is a passion of mine. I got a degree as health shop worker and subsequently I am very curious to test all kinds of stuff. So I do, but I move on to try new stuff before I finished what I started. (which I will try to stop doing)

That said I never take very many supplements at the same time, because that would be unwise. Usually I will take maybe 10-12 things each day.

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