Fruit is good for dogs

Deoge just got about 3 spoonfulls of my blueberry smoothie. cools her down too frozen fruit.

sorry, no pic…

just my new powder of super foods in it

sounds great =)
good to hear doggie has some nice snack =D

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Just avoid grapes


Yum! My dog loves fruit also. Just not grapes, since those are toxic to dogs.


Jinx lol 151515

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The only human food I give my puppy is occasionally some organic natural peanutbutter.

Giving your dog too much human food is unhealthy for them but occasionally it’s fine.


ok, well, I guess I’ll avoid that then. idk. I don’t give Deoge too much fruit. just a little share time.

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My moms chihuahua loves blueberries. Hounds us for them if she ever get wind of them.

I accidentally left out a bag of dill pickle sunflower seeds in the shell. This dog loves them. Anyway I came home to a torn open bag in the middle of the living room, beside it was a freshly cracked pile of the shells, half bags worth of them. She had a haul that day.


Tomatoes, cherries, blackberries, and a lot of others aren’t good for dogs. Please be careful and research before you feed them fruit.

okay, who hasn’t given their dog a lick of tomato sauce on spaghetthi? cheeries, obviously have pits, unless you’re talking about marashenos. and who eats blackberries, are you talking about black raspberries? well theyr’e all natural.

I no longer care what you feed your dog.

ah huh, well nice to know. did you have anything else to say?

I would have said it.


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