From the top of the world to the pits of dispair

My life is a roller coaster. Up and down. Hopeless and promising. Learning and then not learning. I gotta shape up, this is no joke. People are serious and I’ve got to get serious too. Not everything is peaches and roses. This is really my life. And my families. Because after all, all we got our are families.


Yeah I know right nick?

You try telling that to this fool I know- I think I hurt his feelings like a year ago and now he’s out to cause real damage in my life because I hurt his feelings.

People are ■■■■■■■ crazy man!

Hope you are keeping well Nick?

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Yes, they are…everybody is…to a degree.

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I’m trying to. Thanks Ish.

That new car has to be propping your spirits up a bit right?

Yeah, I took a trip up to my parents house on Monday night. I got back Tuesday night. It was about 150 miles; one way. I just cruised over San Francisco Bay, drinking my soda and listening to the radio, trying to ignore the jerks.

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Yeah, I did that to some guy at my old job. The guy gave me hell for three months after that.

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For everything you wrote about yourself on the forum and everything you said to others struggling here, I think that you’re doing more than good.
And I just looove to read your life stories. : )


I used to be on the top of the world before I got sick. It’s almost like the universe is laughing at me and getting pleasure from my suffering.

its all about finding a level balance imo

Hang in there, Nick.

Man you are tough as ■■■■. I mean it. I’ve been a fighter, I’ve fought everyone from no experience to best in town. You are that level of tough. You beat crack and you beat heroin. You sound like you’re having a fight with life and schizophrenia.

Give them both the hell you gave before.

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