' fringe ' the series

so i went looking for a t.v series, thanks for everyones suggestions.( on another post )
i found the one called ’ fringe ’ it has a sz as the ’ mad ’ scientist type , his son and an FBI agent.
i am watching this character, the scientist, and the son says ,
" now have you got my phone numbers in your pocket ? " and on another occasion,
" stay in the car untill i get back " or on another occasion,
" are you going to be okay going in to that shop by your self "?.
i laughed , then i realized that is what my wife says to me all the time ! huh !
then i looked at how the mad scientist was easily distracted and would go on different tangents! thats me !
but in the show he is a genius and in reality i am an idiot so it was not all true !
take care
p.s i highly recommend it.


Wow, I never noticeded that the mad scientist was a schizo! I like his brain…
My parents never treat me like that, I always face my fears of my delusions, they haven’t ever noticed that I have sz for a very long time lol we still live together.

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yeah ’ the mad scientist ’ had that wierd sz delusion in his eyes ,i guess that is why i like the series so much , so far !
you always seem to deal with your sz well , i admire that .
take care

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I was not amused by how much his son was convinced that his dad was a 100% nutcase. I call this OCCD.

Obsessive Compulsive Certainty Disorder.

Unfortunately this happens all too often in real life.

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