A classy show called Mr.Robot!

Anyone watch this classy show?

I love the plot of a anarchist hacker who has dissociative identity disorder. I love the way it is shot cinematically.

I love how it is Kubrikesque in its look and deals with social ills.

I have seen upto season 4 episode 6, only 3 to go.

Anyone else a fan of this awesome show? :smiley:

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I am. I watched when I was very symptomatic too.

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I watch it,

But only because my sister works on that show.

She does costume design.

Says the cast is mostly super nice.


Seen it years ago, a bit different.

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Wow, so am I! :smiley:

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Just finished the final episode and it is awesome! I freaking love this show!

SPOILER AERT*****************************

Perfect and curious ending as when I was dissociated I only have fragments of memories. Just a few pictures and scenarios that is all.

The Mr. Robot ending sort of implied that the alters just watch and when the man wakes up he has memories of all the other alters. I don’t think that happens, as my fragmented times still remain a mystery to me 18 years later.

Anybody else agree with that?

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