Anyone watching that new tv series believe/////// breakingbad

I am not really interested in these types of tv series, but that main girl actor keeps me watching. Oh and by the way, they are saying there going to make a new series of breaking bad, do not know if it is true or not.

My hubby and I watch Believe. I don’t mind it but I can’t say that I really like it.

We’ve been watching it at our house.I do enjoy seeing what new things they will treat on each episode.Not sure how accurate it all is.I really hope that people would watch these shows and open their minds about mental illness.The last time my son had a dr.appt(not pdoc),a few people stared at him funny and then looked at me.I had the most overwhelming urge to start dancing around like a monkey and making noises.Yes-my son looks like he’s struggling.I hate people that are rude in their ignorance.Just because we don’t understand something doesn’t mean we have to act like idiots towards one another!The next time you see someone talking jibberish or being weird-it might be me!

I love that show-Believe*

@btrfly36 are we talking about the same show?

Looks like Believe is not getting renewed for another season.

It isn’t? @barbiebf. 20 characters

According to this no.

@chrisjack-sorry!I got Black Box mixed up with Believe!I do watch both of these shows.I can’t understand why they would take this off the air?!Seems like it had a good response.Bo was just getting to know her dad and Orchestra was just getting really evil!Guess we’ll have to go back to watching more reality shows(sigh).

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