Friend is trying to talk to me

One of the friends that I’ve been having issues with has been trying to talk to me today and yesterday. Just small talk more than anything. She did ask if I was ready to talk about emotions. I flat out told her no. Even though we aren’t really talking about anything I’m still scared to talk to her. I’m scared that I’ll accidentally hurt her or that she’ll hurt me or that I’ll mess up and make things worse. I just wanna curl up and disappear into a black pocket of space where I know I cant mess up or hurt anybody and nobody can get me either.

Maybe I should tell her that I’m not ready to talk at all yet but then what if I just keep running away from it then I fear that it will hurt her and I dont want to hurt her. But what if I say something wrong or she senses that something’s off and she takes it the wrong way and then I’m still hurting her. (Sorry my emotions and brain are getting the best of me right now)

I have many different motives for anything I do or don’t do.

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Do you also have the curse of the overthinker?

When I’m not feeling well I tend to overthink.

We all have those hard conversations that make us uncomfortable to even think about, but it’s been my experience that 99% of the time those hard conversations turn out to be the easiest hard conversations we ever have.


I’m unsure what the curse of the overthinker might be.

I do think a lot. I look for ways to quiet the noise in my head.

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neopolitan we must face our fears.
To live a life there is% u gonna hurt people and hurt yourself that shouldnt stop u.
we all do afraid but when u come closer to what u fear u see its smaller then the projection of your brain.

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Facebook lets you block people like that, it’s wonderful.

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As I’ve gotten older I’ve come to understand that I don’t owe anyone anything.
I will never intentionally hurt someone, that’s not my nature. If I do, I apologize and move on, but if someone holds onto something and proceeds to hurt me, I do avoid that, and that’s my right.
We have to do what keeps us level and safe with minds that overthink and can get us into trouble. We don’t need other people messing with us.

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@anon17132524 the hardest part is that the last time I tried talking to her about my emotions, she blew me off, accused one of things I didnt do, didn’t listen to me, told me I’m just playing the victim card, and made me feel like my emotions and feelings didn’t matter.

@Jayster The overthinker tends to come up with all the what ifs. What if this happens, what if that happens. The overthinker tends to make a situation seem much worse than it most likely will be.

@laros I’ll do my best to keep that in mind. I know I’m going to have to talk to her eventually. It’s still scary given past situations where I tried to talk to her.

@velociraptor neither of us have Facebook plus shes my neighbor. So unless you can block people in real life.

@Hedgehog I agree that we dont need other people messing with us which is why I’m not talking to her about emotions right now. There will be certain things that I will talk to her about eventually but there are also certain things that wont be talked about. Unless later on I’m feeling comfortable again.

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