Frequent visual disturbances from bed

Been seeing things in my room

Nothing big just like the odd insect here and there

The most recent was a moth and a butterfly the butterfly was a red admiral which are quite common but not at this time of year lol

Probably nothing but hoping it doesn’t get worse

Hi sorry to hear that, I nt get visual accept like when I’m out and I might think there’s a person there and there isn’t.
Is it disturbing to you or are you ok with seeing the bugs?

thanks for answering, i’m not really scared of bugs except spiders if they get too close, these bugs have been pretty innocent like a moth and a butterfly which is not threatening at all, only thing i was worried about was the moth was a cream colour like my walls but it was intricate and looked very real until it disappeared but the butterfly was bigger and had colour in it but it lasted less time,

trying to weigh up visual disturbances lol its weird, i’m not use to seeing things

With hallucinations an important thing I’ve found is to remain calm and detached from what you are seeing. Fear can make them more disturbing or upsetting. I have actually had hallucinations shift from frightening to harmless from calming myself down and observing them as an interesting phenomena rather than a scary one. I’m glad the bugs you saw weren’t scary!

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