I keep on seeing things

Like insects crawling from out the corner of my eye, but when I look there’s nothing there. What is this? Stress? Sz? Both? I hope I don’t relapse again so soon from out the hospital! I’ve been under a lot of stress since coming home last week. Can’t say how long I’ve seen phantom insects though, but it’s not the first time.


I see similar things these days.
I don’t worry.

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I kind of have the same problem. I’ll glance at a towel on the floor, and for an instant I will see a kitten. It’s not too bad, yet, but I think I might have Parkinson’s.

Yeah, I get those little visual hallucinations, too. Sometimes I see a black spot and my brain interprets it as “bug” (maybe because I’m terrified of bugs), and sometimes I see my cat, but he’s not really there. It bothers me a little, but I mostly accept it as part of the illness.

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if you can live with it and if it does not bother you too much I would avoid a psy doc who will certainly put you on meds.

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