Freedom of having secret

Is secret a benefit or affliction ?


An affliction. I have plenty of them.


Having the right to privacy is important. It means we trust each other enough to give one another our space. However, you don’t want to have secrets. Secrets are walls you put up that separate you from life. When we hold secrets, we separate ourselves from one another and we don’t get that feeling of connectedness that leads to a fulfilling human experience.


Some kind of secrets can eat you up.

It is probably what I dislike most about me

… My secrets.

Because I like feeling like I can let talk flow like a waterfall.

Not fully possible with secrets.

Those ppl who do not have those kind of secrets are fortunate.


i feel like i have no secrets do to TB but man do i. they are mostly ancient ones.


See, my thought is that us trying to keep up appearances stops us from being honest with each other. If we truly called the bluff so to speak and said the worst things about ourselves, we would see that we’re all deeply flawed, but we would have a much greater appreciation for one another because we wouldn’t be hiding anything. The thing that stops us is fear. Fear has to do with punishment and we’re afraid of ourselves as unworthy of love, but if we could truly see each other then I don’t think there would be anything to be afraid of. Once you have no secrets, you are liberated. Fear itself is the prison.


I completely agree with you… To an extent.

Sometimes it is necessary to keep certain secrets though. For the sake of people involved in the secret.

I know it is a little vague, but I unfortunately can’t say more than that.

I like your post though, it makes sense.


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