Poll about loneliness


So you think being secretive about your mental health keeps you separated from other people and therefore lonely?

  • yes
  • no
  • polls are for chumps

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Im completely open about my diagnosis. They usually ask why i dont work, yet seem to be able to buy nice things. I just purely tell them im SZ. Most are understanding. I dont feel ashamed at all about it. Tho some looks i get are priceless lol. But then most of my mates have or had a MI in the past so that helps.


I said no because I don’t share my thought about the men who follow me because when I do, I lose another friend. But if I just talk about my ptsd I keep my friends, I have one friend who knows and is still my friend.

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I feel lonliness mainly because I don’t have good social skills and avoid interacting with people.

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I avoid interacting with people but I don’t feel lonely. I prefer to be just with myself.

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Hello Leaf, how is your morning?

I don’t talk about the voices or what they say to any family member except my mother. Outside of the family I just keep them to myself. I’m not sure if it makes me feel lonely though, I guess it does sometimes.

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My cognitive abilities so crap that even i want to conversation with somebody i can not keeping up. So upset…

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Im pretty lonely hey !!

Lonelyness is a killer


The main reason for my being separated from other people is my chronic, poor social interaction skills, coupled with my not being very proactive in socialising with others.

It’s not that I’m reluctant to be open about my mental health issues , but that there’s very few people for me to be open about it with.

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I have a close friend that also deals with psychosis that I can talk about it with. It makes it so much easier because if I’m having a rough day I can just tell her and she gets it. My other friends don’t let me really talk about it as they just want to hang out and schizophrenia is a bit of a downer. It only feels lonely now that I’m getting back into dating, and I don’t really know how to tell the people I’m interested in.

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I sometimes feel like I can relax when I have told someone about it. They might understand why you find it hard being chatty.

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Im lonely anyway. I can be superficially social, but have always had a hard time finding people who are a real match with me, taking initiative and keeping in touch. And after a while people notice im a bit odd anyway.

The last years i learned to be a bit more open and myself to some people and that is great!

Most people know some of my MI. A few close people genuinely know my deepest fears and crazyness. I would be terribly lonely if they wouldnt see the real me.

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One of the ways in which I’m lonely is when I meet people and they don’t know what I’m going through And they get me completely wrong because they have no knowledge of the things happening to my brain


I understand, i think.

What i find difficult is if i work incredibly hard to do things and people get irritated because i cant measure up to normal peoples standards. People sometimes act like i have been lazy, while i was actually working extremely hard on something they take for granted - like staying in reality or not getting a panic attack while at the same time attending a meeting or doing household chores.

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