I really hate secrets

They are very very annoying because they disrupt my flow.!

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I love secrets and privacy. I don’t want to know everything about everyone. I got my own stuff to deal with.

This desire to know everything is predicated on some fundamental insecurity. Like you’re projecting a distrust of yourself onto others. Trust yourself and your motives, and just let people be whoever they are.

Prepare for the worst but hope for the best.

You can’t control people without pushing them away.


Yea people are entitle to have privacy but just regarding myself, I just feel like blurting out all of my secrets lol. But it’s not wise to.

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Ah. Well that’s your call. Just say what you want, it’s your life. Just don’t expect perfect disclosure from others if you do that. People have their reasons for not sharing things.

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True dat.

Everyone has their reasons.

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I have secrets that I could never ever share

Does it really affect you, not sharing them?

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Yes it does. Sometimes it feels so burdensome I can barely breathe

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I want to find a way to be OK with having secrets but so far it’s been tricky.

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I actually hate myself for having secrets I need to find a way to resolve this

I’ve done some stupid ■■■■ in my past I don’t want to share. I can’t fix the past. And I’ve suffered enough to atone for bloody 2 lifetimes, not just the minor ■■■■ that happened in this life.

Like, just don’t care about the secret. Let it sit in some recess of your mind and gather dust. Sharing it won’t necessarily make you a better person.

If it’s something minor then maybe tell someone though.

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Some secrets are best left unsaid.

The beauty of Art is only showing your audience half of your hand, and letting them fill in the rest of the blanks. :wink:


The old saying if you want to keep a secret don’t tell anyone


I think we all have secrets we’d like to remain just that…secret.

My Motto?

“When you live long enough in this world, sh!t is bound to happen.”


Secrets make the world go round :musical_note:
The world go round :musical_note:


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my own Secrets weigh me down, they feel like obstacles to any kind of relationships it disrupts my spontaneousity. ■■■■■■■ hell. :exploding_head: :sob: is this like a first world problem?

thanks for all the feedback, btw.

I will have to find a way to deal with this

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….I suppose

I am keeping those secrets not out of consideration for just myself but also many others.

so that should make me feel better.

they are secrets for a good cause…


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