It's dawn and the 4th is over..... ahhh

I made it. I did jump out of my skin a bit. There are firecracker casing all over the street and our little area looks a bit trashed.

My sis is pretty happy… she thinks she’ll get 20 bucks at the recycling depot with all the beer bottles and booze bottles she got off the beach.

So glad I dampened down the shrubs by the back fence. Some of the courtyard is a bit scorched.

Still feeling a bit shaky, but no were near as removed from lucid as I’ve been in the past. In the past, I’m usually no where near normal functioning the day after the 4th. In the past, I’ve been inches away from having the crisis team called.

But this time, I’m feeling drained, I’m not feeling that strong, but I don’t feel amped up and scrambled. The old burn scars aren’t hurting that much. I am going to swim, that will help get my mind back into my body.

How is everyone else doing? What did others do to make it through?

I hope everyone else had a safe 4th.


I am glad to hear that you made it J! Feeling drained is a normal response - My other aunt has been sleeping over our house for nearly a week and I am drained just from that.
My 4th was on the relaxing side - Most of the major Holidays drain me - but I still manage to have a good time regardless of my burn out - Glad to know that you made it back safely and that you are doing ok :smiley:


So glad to hear that you made it through! And I hope you can shake the lingering feelings this morning.

I was awakened last night by extremely loud fireworks that my neighbors were setting off. I was kinda angry, because fireworks are illegal here in Houston city limits. I even put up signs around the apartment complex reminding our residents about them being illegal and dangerous.

Its so dangerous and irresponsible to be setting off fireworks in a tight apartment complex. But luckily there was no damage. Next year, I’m going to report whoever is using fireworks, as the fines range from $500-$2000 PER FIREWORK in possession.

Like you, I’m glad the 4th is over. And we can get back to our quiet little neighborhood.




Thank you for that. Just one more big family hurdle for me and then summer can relax.

The next one I’m getting ready to get over is my kid sisters 18th birthday. Considering I was in a bit of relapse this time last year and my family completely forgot her 17th last year… And the whole family accidently completely forgot her 16th too…

I really want her 18th to be a good one. But this is sort of hitting me a bit hard too. The kid sis won’t be a kid much longer.


It was peaceful here where I. Well, we do not celebrate the 4th of July. I like fireworks. Last time I had the 4th of July was in 2001, when one old Jewish man told me a wild story how he has fought the NAZIs in Poland during the 2nd WW. :smile:

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Making her 18th birthday a special one is a fantastic idea. It is a milestone birthday - If you ask me 18 is just but a number, I get a sense that your kidsis is an emotionally mature person in a lot of ways. I am sure you will manage and do just fine for the birthday celebration. My big hurdles are just about every Holiday and event. Going to get my license renewed is always a big hurdle for me - with all the lines, the waiting times, the crowds, it always gets to me, but like all of these events I manage to do just fine in the end


I’m really happy you had a better experience than in the past. Its kind of like growing in a way. It seems like you were reallyprepared.

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You aren’t kidding!I was thinking of you @SurprisedJ+everyone else last night as we all went out as a family to watch fireworks at a friends house.My son decided to try and enjoy the holiday.Everyone was shooting them off-all the neighbors-the whole neighborhood around the lake!If I didn’t know better,I would have thought we were at war!My son came completely unglued+sat in car for several minutes until I could get everyone rounded up and out of there.Thank god we made it home and my son was shook up but calmed down somewhat.Thanks to reading all these posts,I was prepared if he started having problems.He is ok today-just needing some down time.I hope everyone had a safe and uneventful 4th!


I’m in the UK, it was my mums birthday on the 4th :smiley:


I’m glad everyone made it through the 4th and Happy Birthday to your mum. I went by myself, for the first time, to the fairgrounds and hung out by myself and watched the parade and fireworks. I’m glad I did it.


i had a pretty good 4th, we went to my brother in laws house and spent the 4th with his family. My psychiatrist prescribed me some valium to take to deal with the loud bangs of the fire works but turns out i didn’t need it.

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I stayed in all day except to empty my trash.My mom called and told me about a 4th of July program on TV that she thought I might like. It was a celebration in Washington DC with Barry Manilow, a few people I didn’t know, Neil Diamond and an American Idol winner. It was OK. I also talked to my sister on the phone. Today I went for a walk.
I hope the swim made you feel better surprised. I used to get shaky when my mental state got really bad. I haven’t felt it in years. Anyway, did you like the plane ride at all? It may sound weird but I LIKE weddings. As long as they are not too religious like a catholic wedding for instance. But yeah, everybody’s happy, there’s tons of food, the musics good.and there’s ALWAYS at least one cute girl to look at.
Hey, since you’re the designated birthday guy, did you know that tomorrow (Sunday) is Chordys birthday?


Glad you made it through. I was bracing myself for the constant booming of fireworks but here (where I am) they’re illegal in the city and in the apartment complex. So I didn’t have to worry to much. The only ones I heard where from the city/counties doing the official fireworks display.

They bothered kitty a bit though, I had to explain it was a holiday and people were just celebrating with fireworks that made the booming noises she was hearing. This seemed to settle her down some and she hopped up on the bed and went to sleep. Some may think its weird I talk to my cat like she’s a human, but they want to know what’s going on as much as we do…and I think some of what I say sinks into her because it will calm her down when she’s upset. Maybe its just because she sees me relaxed she feels why should she get all upset and worried if mommy is calm and relaxed. I don’t know, sometimes I wish I knew what goes on in that little head of hers. Then other times I’m glad I can’t understand what she’s trying to communicate to me…

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I’m up here in China so I don’t celebrate 4th of July. But I am happy for you guys in the USA who have such a great event to commemorate with fireworks and beers. Your words about your celebration of 4th made me very pleased.

I am glad you made it through , J. and wish you a successful birthday party for you kid sis.


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I did like the plane ride. The plane ride went smoother then I expected. The security check and all the checking in didn’t go as smooth. But I made it.

The wedding was a lot of family chaos, but there was food and some pretty girls. I got a little satisfaction when this one 18 year old “Rico Suave” type started asking about my kid sis… and in a very lewd and graceless way started that 18 year old trash talk. “what I would to that muchacha no?”

I got to tell him… “No… that’s your cousin.”

The odd look on his face and the turn tail and run move he did… brightened my day.

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Well you survived. It’s another experience under your belt.

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I went with my dad, step mom and younger siblings to a family friend’s house on a lake. Our family is full of pyromaniacs, so we of course go all out. Where we were shooting from was this mini peninsula and for the finale they lit 4 at a time (of the ones that are like the professional ones). I saw the kids and my dad barely get out of the way. He had to do a backwards somersault. I didn’t think he was that agile.

After I took my risperidone I started to get jumpy at every loud noise.

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I never thought about how fireworks would affect other people with sz. I don’t care for them too much (I think they are boring and too loud. They don’t scare me, I just don’t like loud noises.) I do like sparklers though.

There weren’t any near me (I’m visiting my Grandmother and she lives in a very dry part of the country so the only ones that they really do here are heavily supervised by the fire department).

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