Found the supplement combination for me

2 x omega 3 capsules
Vit b complex
Vit d


Have u stopped sarcosine…jimbob…???

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Was going to say - stopped sarcosine whilst I added these supplements. Have been on them long enough to see a benefit. Am going to re add sarcosine to see if I get further benefits. Just ordered another 180 grams of sarcosine.


I think it will work for u again…

Edit… sarcosine…


From what brand and how much do you take

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I started taking ng l theanine 100mg twice a day.four is too steep.

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Check out Metagenics for their professional-grade and third-party tested products.

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what about Sarcosine from Brainvitaminz? @InnerCicle

that med is very potent and cured damage to my glutamate system

@roxanna does it work against depression? I know green tea does it might benefit me

It helps with my less depressed than i used to be. Wouldnt hurt to try i think.

@anon20613941 where do you get your sarcosine from? I’ve googled it and only had 2 options.

Don’t know too much about BrainVitaminz. According to the stickied thread at the top of this forum:

It is available from a number of online stores at different prices. BrainVitaminz and Profrontal are companies focused on brain vitamins and are run by scientists, medical people and PHDs.

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