Found some old (but not expired) NAC. Took 1200mg


I have the ‘now’ brand and it says on it

Take 1 capsule a day with a protein containing meal.


Hmm, when I google “nac with or without food” seems most of them say either.

I use a different brand but it doesn’t say either way.

Since it doesn’t give an amount of protein that is required, did you know an 8 oz glass of lowfat milk has about 10 grams of protein?


I drink cashew milk so I will check if I can take it with that. I really want to give this a try. I am willing to try a lot of things just to be at peace. The intrusive thoughts are unbearable at times.


I’m actually desperate enough to try NAC again. I’ll try taking it at night instead to see if I can sleep through the side effects.

BUT first I’m going to try L-Carnosine. If that doesn’t work out then it’s back to nac at night. My order of L-carnosine should arrive soon.


I have been taking 600 mg NAC every day at lunch. I don’t know if I should try 1200 instead?
I don’t notice any difference except some acid reflux


It takes 2-3 months to notice anything apparently…


yeah maybe I’ll wait another 8 weeks.


Right. Seeing as l-carnosine didn’t work out.

I’m going to try NAC again but this time at half the dose. I.e. 600mg a day.

I hope I catch a break.


Seems reasonable. I take 600mg and 45 minutes later meditate. I can definitely feel it. I felt it after my first dose and didn’t need to wait (2-3 months everyday) so long for an effect. I noticed a difference with l theanine as well, but it is not as pleasant as NAC in my humble opinion.


That’s encouraging. I’ll report back with my own progress on 600mg. I seem to have bad luck with supplements though. :frowning:


Hey @everhopeful you don’t do poems anymore?


No I don’t. Thanks for asking about them though. :sunny:


Do you take nac at any particular time of day?


I get up at 8.30-9am, have a cup of tea then do some sudarshan kriya breathing for 10 minutes, then meditate for 20 minutes. Then I relax, shower, then breakfast of muesli. Then I take NAC at around 10.15/30 am and chill. I wait 45 minutes then meditate for 30 minutes. NAC really helps with that, adding to the meditation experience.