Found out Robert Pinsky grew up reading dictionaries

Me too!

We had a great big thick hard covered blue dictionary
with a long index in the back

for learning science and math and other interesting things,

a little advanced for me, but I used to play school with it.

I loved a game we played in school of a word from the dictionary
that no one knew, and then you’d have to make up your own definition,

so all of these random definitions were thrown together with the Real definition
and then everyone had to choose which one they thought it was.

My definitions were chosen often. It’s how I became a good liar,
and eventual writer.

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I was quite bad in school when I was very young, although some people assessed me mathematically gifted when I was seven years old, my grades in many subjects were poor, but then somebody noticed that I was able to learn and I was put to some special education, that was when I was 10 years old, and guess what, my grades skyrocketed and then I went to the university and to the world.


I think they get it wrong many times,

but it all comes out in the wash, I guess.

We had a set of encyclopedias, and I loved those things! I did a book report on the E volume one time.


I remember that I did so well after that special education that when we had a world geography competition between me together with another child and the whole class and we easily won. This was 2 people against all 25 others. These are my proud memories. I still remember the name of that special lady who taught me in that special education.

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individualized education, right?

Me son always got it. An IEP.

hmmm, that’s great you achieved.

What were your studies at university?

I studied many things, business, management, computers, energy technology, finance and so on, I even went to study Russian in Leningrad … yes, it was very individualized education, the lady taught me howto learn and focus and so on …

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do you think it should be general ed

or more geared toward what each person is good at?

I do not know but it helped me a lot …

yeah, good.

I’m fairly comfortable with my education,
like to keep learning too,

that’s the main thing.
Wish my son had a love of learning.

Nice One…!!!