Forum withdrawals

Now that my diagnosis has changed I’ve to look for a forum elsewhere for support

Your diagnosis changed? Why do you need to leave?

I’ve had psychosis but not certain it’s sz

I think you should stay


If you feel like backing out for awhile, go ahead. It can be a healthy break. But, I wouldn’t want it to be permanent for you at this point.

Why what’s your new diagnosis?

There are all kinds of different diagnoses here.

Psychosis is the common thread.


Please don’t leave @anon80629714

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We like you here, ish, and we want you to stay. As for the diagnosis, that is just a label to give a pdoc an idea of where to begin treatment of a patient. I wouldn’t worry about it too much.


I’ve liked you while you are here. I’ve enjoyed your posts.

u can never never run away from ur illness…sorry…:neutral_face:

So wrong to say this,anything can happen on this world so can recovery


i do respect what u say…but…
truth iz always bitter…

Well let’s be honest I haven’t been able to contribute much. Mostly because I have never been able to relate. I never felt I had sz. I feel like I need to go somewhere share my experiences and help others.


As u wish…
but always remember this forum …and
its nasty people like me …but
never forgot to help other…the more u help other the more satisfaction u get…
what ever be ur diagnosis …try to live happy and always share …thanks…

Look nowhere. It is here! :head_bandage: