I might have to leave this site

I have asked my diagnosis of Schizophrenia be reviewed by my new doctor.

The internet is telling me that Autistics who get diagnosed late are mis-diagnosed, and can form a better understanding of previous difficulties.

If they do change it, I feel I will have to depart here.

I do not deny I have had psychotic breaks on many occasions, but anyone can get seriously ill when they’re put under serious mental strain through stress and anxiety

I know I keep going on about this but it has become a bit of an obsession that I need an answer too

This whole thing truly frustrates me, and I am sick and tired of the treatment I am receiving as it is never timely and the whole world of psychiatry is not a science by any stretch


You dont have to leave, whether or not youre schizophrenic, youve experienced psychosis. I think gatekeeping is wrong when it comes to this stuff, everyones experience with psychosis is different and we should accomodate as such. I have had different diagnoses over the years, psychosis NOS, schizoaffective (depressive and bipolar type), drug induced, bipolar II. My point is if this place helps, you have every right to be here man.

Hope you get the answers youre looking for, youve worked so hard for it. You deserve it.


The numerous psychotic breaks suggest a frail constitution. Who knows, you might discover the means to having a rigid, stable center amongst the various postings here.

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Sometimes I wonder if I am really just some sort of medium and my psychotic break in highschool was caused by having to live w a malevolent spirit that tortured me.

Anyways I feel like anyone who has experienced psychosis is welcome here. Its not solely for people with schizophrenia. Ive been here since even before I had any diagnosis.

My psychiatrist is on annual leave for two weeks and so is my case manager

I don’t know where this is going and how it will end.

Not impressed at all

The duty was laughing like it was some sort of joke, but I don’t see it that way

You’re still welcome here if your diagnosis changes. This forum is for anyone who has experienced psychosis or is wondering if they have. So try not to worry about that. No one should make you feel unwelcome here if your diagnosis were to change.


I hope you choose to stay with us without worry of abandonment.

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Thanks for assuring that I can still come to this site.

It all feels like a massive mess at the moment, and the people I need to speak to are both off at the same time

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I’ve been there. If you can work and go to school and date and make money, that’s a big sign. You probably have mild/high functioning Aspergers.

My former psychologist told me like 5% of aspergians get schizophrenia, so I’m one of them. He also suggested I had brain damage and was malingering when I told him he wasn’t real.

I have atypical symptoms. I often describe it as CIA induced aritifical schizophrenia haha. You know MK-Ultra?

You can still stay here as you have had psychosis in the past.

My life sucks because I was traumatized in college, yet the fact that no one has investigated or called my diagnosis into question, makes things much worse, but at least the demons are at bay for now. Could be aliens too, but I can’t rule that out.

I get tired of defending myself.

Even if you leave, you might come back. I did that many times.

I’ve been banned from the autism forums for whatever reasons years ago. Never liked the admin there.

I got diagnosed initially back in 2012- 2013 (I think) at a real hospital with drug induced psychosis and Aspergers. Eventually it went to paranoid schizophrenia or undifferentiated. Pick your diagnosis/poison. It’s changed so much it’s not even funny.

Still waiting on my $80K plus pay day.

I have naysayers all the time saying I don’t have Aspergers. Bear in mind that aspergers can make people paranoid and anxious and depressed. Been that way my whole life. Totally oblivious to it and reality too.

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You’re welcome here even if your diagnosis changes. You may even run across a member who has experienced or is experiencing something similar to your difficulties. We are a support group not a boot camp. Don’t worry about making the cut.



You are still welcome here no matter your diagnosis.

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