Forgive people on this site

Really :smile:
Remember that situation with neveragain, i thought that you are misogynistic badass or something, because you laughed to my wording…now i think you are just a ‘badass’.
In a good way.

Thanks @Sarad. You can be really nice sometimes. I mean sometimes you’re nicer than usual.

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I’LL show you all how to charm a lady…

@sarad, Did it hurt?

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I get the impression that Sarad is a strong woman… reminds me of my sister. No flattery, just the truth.

I didn’t fall. They kicked me out.

Did it hurt…when you fell from heaven?


:joy: nope they throw me out

Yeah I should apologize for that one. I don’t what I was doing. I didn’t realize I was bothering other people than Sara. She was angry with me… that’s for sure though.

You are the bomb @77nick77

Forgiving is a good Christian thing to do.

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Amen. Lets all hug now and praise the Lord.!
:church: :heart:

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I’m a lousy forgiverer…I’m more of a seether when people piss me off.

(I also like making up words. I know forgiverer is not a real word…but dang it! should be!)


Wrong impression. Unfortunately. Very far from truth.
Hey but i do love curly hair!

@patrick i also love to make the words. When i can’t remember an English one i just invent one. Ask soitgoes.


I threw a wobbler on here a while back because I thought admin had stopped the caption contest lol! I think we all have off days.

What time do you have to be back in heaven?

(i literally got that off a google search)


Is life like a chess game?
Are we Pieces being moved around the Players?
Are we Players trying to force others to be Pieces we can move around?
Are we just disinterested Passersby noticing the Game from a distance?

If we are totally unconscious Pieces, do we have any clue we’re even IN a Game?
If we are half-conscious Players bent on winning the Game, can we get up from the table and walk away?
If we are conscious Passersby with no stake in the Game, are we able to just see it all =as= a Game and walk on by without getting caught up in the drama?

Flameborn has picked up the Caption Contest bug…and is doing an excellent job in my opinion. :wink:


was there a caption contest today?> :bear:

Except when @Sarad was offended at one of them! That’s a failure in my book.

Yeah I posted it at 12:01am :stuck_out_tongue:

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I haven’t forgiven a lot of people in my life. I’ve also made mistakes, but it’s so difficult.