Forgetting you had sza/psychosis

Have any of you ever had this strange thing when you wake up you forget you had SZA even though I’ve had it for almost 4 years it’s like I forget everyday and have to come to terms with the fear of it all, ever experienced this?

Yes that often happens to me.

Then I come to this forum and remember I have sz sometimes lol Anyways I don’t have any positive symptoms but have negative symptoms.

It’s really strange it’s like I think I am a teenager way before the illness living at moms house, now I wake up and have my own place, and it’s pretty scary everyday

Whats so scary?

The fact that I forgot where I am in life, as if I wake everyday and years past and I’m in a different place, it’s kinda cool but shocking to find out everyday I have to fight sza you know? Ever experienced that in this way? As if years have passed and you forgot how difficult and lost I feel

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Some days I go through almost the entire day forgetting I have it.

Do you consider that a good thing?

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Yeah definitely.

Most days are not like that though, because I usually hear a voice or two within an hour of waking up.

I never forget. I always have symptoms that remind me.

It’s kinda funny, actually hilarious I think, to forget your this mentally Ill and then be reminded by voices and getting really scared lol

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Yeah, on risperidone days. Aside from when I went to church and badminton training and got outclassed by other people.

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