Forgetting to wash

Realised today it had been over 10 days.

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I can go for 2 weeks sometimes. I’m trying to make sure that I don’t let it go for more than 7 days.

What’s disturbing is that it doesn’t seem to be an automatic thought. Same with brushing my teeth. Hence part of the reason my teeth are ruined.

I hear ya it’s hard for me to wash myself and brush my teeth

i am good now …i wash :shower: every day.
my record was 2 months !?!.." eeewwww ! "
mrs. sith got the electric cow prodder out that day :smiley:
take care :alien:

Oral hygiene has always been important to me, so I’m always taking care of that. I want good breath and positive feelings going on in the mouth - I have sort of an oral fixation…

…but bodily hygiene can take a different approach. As long as I feel comfortably numb in my own skin, then I don’t mind going several days without showering. I don’t see the point in washing a body that feels better in several days of its own oils, which are completely natural & healthy. Furthermore, unless an area is creating an actual unsavory odor, why not just leave it be?

It wasn’t until the industrial age that people started the daily showering & bathing anyways. Most of our ancestors did not practice daily bathing. Think on that, and they were totally fine persons too.

Take a shower daily. Not showering not only creates bad odor for you and others, but also can give you infections. Not to mention it improves your self-esteem.

Showering at least twice on working days now. Coming home with diesel helps there. Mrs. Pixel wrinkles her nose at me and points at the downstairs shower. I get the hint.

I’m still relying on prompts from phones, tablets, etc., for my morning shower. I have to shower and shave daily now for work because we deliver to rig sites. The Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBAs) don’t seal with more than a day of beard growth. We have to comply with safety regs because of the possibility of encountering hydrogen sulphide gas.


I started to shower just about everyday, sometimes I will skip a day or two during the week.

I kind of have to force myself to go in the shower in the morning, but I am now managing.

My teeth bother me a lot as well, but I still forget all the time.